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things people are saying......


"Now go away and let me get on with listening"

( 4 star review R2 Magazine )


“fine penmanship deft guitar playing

clear and mellow singing”  (Frodsham Folk Club)


“plays the guitar in such a beautiful breathtaking way”



"I really like his stuff I think he's written some absolutely terrific songs..strong melodies and well crafted verses..truly truly impressed by the lad"

(Mike Harding Folk Show)


"both memorable and truly irresistable..the mark of a classy really can't afford to miss out"

(David Kidman Living Tradition)


"reassuringly and wonderfully organic....there's a quality about his singing that is just so enjoyable..."

(Danny Farragher Folk All Blog Spot)


"really impressed by his songs and his voice.. a lovely performer...a beautiful record"

(James Fagan Thank Goodness It's Folk Radio Show )






E V E N T S​


12th Jan


Sandbach Acoustic Club

The Market Tavern The Square


with Brennan and Buchanan


1st March


The Glebe

Stoke on Trent

with Brennan and Buchanan

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